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Champion Cylinder Testing, LLC is the premier company to get your compressed gas cylinder requalified for DOT purposes. We offer you UE (Ultrasonic Examination) cylinder testing that is more reliable, cost-effective, limited risk of internal contamination, with no draining of gas product needed. All leading to a more efficient turnaround time than our competitors.

If you are a medical oxygen distributor, beverage distributor, welding outfit, or SCUBA shop let us save you time and money by offering UE cylinder testing for your company. These services are required by the DOT every five years by law. And since our methods are much quicker than our competitors, Champion Cylinder Testing can get you scheduled 85% quicker and not put you on the basic two-week waiting list our competitors will place you on

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Reliable and Efficient

Efficient UE Cylinder Testing

Champion Cylinder Testing, LLC has implemented a new method for compressed gas cylinder DOT requalification that is more reliable and efficient than older methods. The old process takes about 20-30 minutes to complete from start to finish. The old requires you to:

Empty the tank


Fill with water

Install testing head

Submerge into a test tank


Remove from the test tank

Empty water

Heat dry


Refill the cylinder

fire suppression canisters
Fast, Professional Service

Digital Wave UE Testing Equipment

We utilize Digital Wave UE testing equipment for all testing and since these devices does not require the cylinders to remove the gas valves or to be sandblasted we will not have to worry about replacing valves or refurbishing cylinders which saves us time to get to more clients quicker. Every five years these systems will need a requalification and our process will greatly reduce the amount of time and manpower needed to complete, which will save you money and receive quicker, more professional service.