Fire Alarms

UL Certified

Fire Alarms Installation, Testing & Services

At Champion Fire Systems, Inc. we specialize in all aspects of fire alarm installations, new constructions, tenant improvements, and expansions. Call or email us for your annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or regulation 4 testing and repairs.
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In-House Fire Alarm Installations and Testing

Special Hazard Automatic Suppression Systems

We install and test all types of special hazard automatic fire extinguishing systems to ensure your safety, including:




Carbon Dioxide

UL Central Station Monitoring

Know your central station alarms are in working order with the help of our fire protection company. Services include installation, take over, monthly monitoring, and annual testing of fire alarm and sprinkler monitoring systems. Contact us today for more information about our fire alarm testing and monitoring services.

UL Certification # UUFX S24660-1

Chief’s Regulation 4 # R4066 : Complex Fire Alarm Systems (High Rise), Fire Pumps, Fire Sprinkler Systems, Basic Fire Alarm