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Fire Safety System Repair in Southern California

Champion Fire Systems, Inc has been the leading force for large-scale fire safety system repair in Southern California for over two decades. Our clients include LAX, Frito-Lay, City of Rancho Cucamonga, GAF, Valero, Superior Court of OC, Stater Brothers Markets, Jack in the Box, CVS, General Motors, Walgreens, and the City of Los Angeles. We optimize fire safety systems through complex repairs, maintenance, testing, installation, replacements, and customizations. We provide our services for fire alarms, monitoring,  sprinklers, deluge, pre-action systems, clean agent suppression systems, fire pumps, diesel pump engines, fire hydrants,  and UE cylinders. We're renowned for our customer service, providing unmatched turnaround times and specialty services within a day or two of first contact. Whether you want to implement a fire safety system or need swift emergency services, we'll handle the job perfectly.
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Protect your assets with state-of-the-art fire safety solutions from our professionals. Specializing in large-scale commercial systems, our services include repair, maintenance, and testing of fire safety components – from hydrants and sprinklers to deluge and pre-action systems. We also offer cleaning agent suppression and fire extinguisher services, ensuring comprehensive safety coverage for corporate offices, industrial facilities, and retail centers. Trust in our reliable fire alarm, pump, UE cylinder testing, and beyond. Our team is here to ensure your large-scale commercial property remains safe, sound, and accommodating to your customers and employees.
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Ensure your residential property is safeguarded with, where protection meets precision. Specializing in large-scale fire safety services, we offer comprehensive solutions, from intricate fire alarm systems and reliable sprinkler services to essential fire pump and extinguisher maintenance. Our expert team conducts rigorous testing and cleaning to uphold the highest safety standards. Receive all-encompassing fire safety services that keep residents secure. If you are a large-scale residential property owner, manager, or renter, we have the fire alarm safety solutions you need to protect your most valuable assets.
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We ensure industrial property safety with BOSCH-certified and ISN-approved fire alarm solutions. Our comprehensive services include repair, maintenance, and testing of large-scale fire safety systems, fire hydrants, sprinklers, alarms, deluge, and pre-action systems. We also specialize in fire safety cleaning agent suppression and fire pump services, all NICET Certified. Allow us to strengthen your facility with professionalism and expertise. We've served countless industrial property managers, safety officers, and facility engineers for over 25 years. You can rely on us to meet all your industrial fire safety and prevention needs.
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Reinforce your large-scale transportation sites with Champion Fire Systems, Inc's comprehensive fire safety services. Certified by BOSCH, approved by ISN, and held to the stringent standards of NICET, our expertise offers unparalleled reliability. Our services include repair, maintenance, testing, hydrant and sprinkler services, and advanced solutions like deluge, pre-action systems, clean agent suppression, pumps, and extinguisher services. We’ve served many large-scale transportation sources, ranging from public to private transit and parking garages for commercial properties. We'll work diligently to get your transportation site within compliance.
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Protecting the front lines of our nation demands state-of-the-art fire safety, and Champion Fire Systems, Inc stands as your ultimate partner in safeguarding government and military properties. We specialize in comprehensive fire safety solutions, offering meticulously crafted repairs, maintenance, and testing services for large-scale fire alarm systems, hydrants, and sprinkler services tailored to government and military sites. Our expertise extends to advanced deluge and pre-action systems, ensuring rapid response when seconds count. We’ll ensure confidential and private documents, assets, and property remain safe.
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Enhance your healthcare facility's fire systems. We specialize in comprehensive safety solutions. We offer expertise in NICET Certified, BOSCH, and ISN-approved services. Our professional team addresses large-scale fire safety needs, from alarm systems to sprinklers and deluge to pre-action systems. We'll provide your system with meticulous fire pump, extinguisher, and hydrant services. We can perform all repairs, maintenance, installations, and replacements for your fire safety system. With our fire safety cleaning agent suppression offerings, your facility's compliance and operational integrity are in expert hands.
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Telecommunications/Data Centers

We offer comprehensive fire safety services for large-scale telecommunications and data centers. Our professional team ensures the optimal operation of your fire safety infrastructure, offering dedicated fire systems repair, rigorous maintenance, and precise testing. Whether it's fire hydrants, sprinklers, alarms, or advanced deluge and pre-action systems, we've got you covered. Rest assured, your facility's protection is guaranteed with our thorough fire safety cleaning agent suppression services and fire pump solutions. Trust us for reliability and expertise in safeguarding your assets.
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We provide comprehensive fire safety for the entertainment sector. Our seasoned experts deliver top-quality repair, maintenance, and testing services tailored for large-scale entertainment enterprises. Ensure optimal safety with our comprehensive solutions for fire hydrants, sprinklers, and alarm systems. Our proficiency extends to deluge, pre-action systems, and clean agent suppression for maximal protection. We can rigorously inspect your fire safety systems, make necessary repairs, and provide routine maintenance to ensure optimal condition. Count on us for fire pump and extinguisher services that keep you compliant and secure.
Personalized Services

Designing Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Fire Systems

Aside from repairing, maintaining, and testing fire safety systems in Southern California, we also design and build them. We create in-depth AutoCAD designs, which include precise, accurate hydraulic calculations. We'll ensure your fire intervention or sprinkler system has optimal water flow and pressure to extinguish flames promptly and effectively. We fulfill all technical paperwork, documents, and permits, ensuring systems meet all local, state, and federal rules and regulations. Your custom-designed fire system will match the size and scope of your large-scale property and facility, giving it full coverage and protection from smoke and flames.