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Southern California Fire Sprinkler Installation Services

For over two decades, Champion Fire Systems, Inc. has installed and serviced fire sprinkler systems for both commercial and industrial properties. Our dedicated team treats every project with the skill and quality you’ve come to expect from Southern California’s leading fire protection system company. In addition to our installations, we provide a variety of other services, such as the repair, maintenance, and servicing of your sprinkler system.
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Our design and installation of fire sprinkler systems are guaranteed to protect you and your property if the need ever arises. We also offer service and maintenance to ensure your system is always primed and ready go. For a free estimate on our services, contact our team at 909-483-9789 today! To ensure that your property stays up to code, you should:

Have your system inspected at least once per year

Only have sprinklers installed by a licensed contractor

Contact one of our Riverside fire sprinkler experts to service your sprinklers