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Effective Fire Sprinkler Alternatives in Southern California

Your large-scale business undoubtedly houses critical technology and assets. Sprinkler systems can protect you from fire, but they can also cause water damage to your property. If you want to avoid water damage, Champion Fire Systems, Inc will provide fire sprinkler system alternatives. We provide properties with odorless, clean, safe cleaning agent fire suppression to prevent fires and interior damage.
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Water-Free Cleaning Agent Fire Suppression

Cleaning agent fire suppression systems are ideal for protecting invaluable commercial, industrial, and business assets. They mainly comprise gases and safe chemicals and do not require water to function. This reduces and prevents water damage caused by activated sprinklers or hoses. Many cleaning agent fire repellents are odorless and leave no traces or residue. Cleaning fire prevention is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and is more eco-friendly than traditional flame suppressors. They are perfect for data centers and properties that depend on technology because they will not ruin or damage them after a fire.

Carbon Dioxide suppression displaces oxygen to smother fires.

Dry chemicals interrupt the fire-causing chemical reactions.

Wet chemicals prevent fires from reigniting after they're been minimized or extinguished.

Halon, FM-200, and Novec 1230 extinguish fires quickly and efficiently.

Foam suppressants spread over the fire to halt its oxygen use.

Inergen fire suppression uses natural gases to suffocate flames.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression
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Comprehensive Cleaning Agent Suppression Services

As a full-service, large-scale fire safety systems company, we can handle all aspects of your cleaning agent suppressor care. We provide repair, maintenance, replacement, installation, and customization for system parts and components. Our team has over two and a half decades of experience testing and inspecting water-free fire suppressors, ensuring they meet the latest codes, rules, and regulations. Whether you manage or operate a massive commercial, residential, or industrial enterprise, you can expect us to fulfill your needed services quickly and with the highest level of professionalism and client service.