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If you own a restaurant, then you understand the importance of protecting your assets and ensuring a safe and comfortable atmosphere for your guests and employees. Our UL 300 kitchen hood system is often our go-to solution to help keep commercial kitchens safe. In the past, kitchen hood systems had relied on dry chemicals to extinguish grease and stove fires from kitchens, yet these methods were often ineffective. The UL 300 uses wet solvents and chemicals to extinguish dangerous kitchen fires in a timely fashion.
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Stop Kitchen Fires

Every Restaurant Needs a Kitchen Hood System

Stop kitchen fires the moment they start! Installing a UL300 fire suppression system can help save your restaurant and protect your employees and guests by minimizing the impact of a commercial kitchen fire. As your local fire suppression specialist, call us at 909-483-9789 and schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable staff today! Additional benefits of upgrading to this system include:

It comes with a manual pull station

Automatic fuel shutoffs for gas and electric stoves

Nozzles located in the hood & duct over each cooking appliance