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Sprinkler System Maintenance in Southern California

Champion Fire Systems, Inc understands the critical nature of fire safety in industrial and commercial settings. Our professionals specialize in testing, repairing, and maintaining large-scale deluge and pre-action sprinkler systems. For over 25 years, we’ve serviced and perfected fire safety systems, providing superior fire suppression performance.
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Deluge and Pre-Action Fire Response

A deluge system releases a large quantity of water or fire suppressant over a designated area with high fire risk. A pre-action system holds off the water supply until the presence of fire is confirmed by detecting heat or smoke. Both system types act to stop fire outbreaks once signs of a fire occur.

Deluge systems are ideal for fire-risk-prone properties like power plants, airplane hangars, and chemical storage facilities.

When deluge systems activate, they prompt all sprinklers to discharge simultaneously, covering the fire entirely.

When used with foam concentrate, deluge systems can better control fires, enhancing their versatility and effectiveness.

Pre-action systems are commonly used in places where accidental triggering could cause significant damage, such as data centers, libraries, and museums.

Pre-action systems feature a two-step activation process, reducing the chances of accidental discharges.

Pre-action fire systems will withhold releasing water until fire and smoke become apparent and imminently threatening.

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Custom Protection

Choose the Right Sprinkler System

Champion Fire Systems, Inc will help you choose between a deluge or pre-action sprinkler system based on your property or facility's size and purpose. We design, customize, and implement systems according to our clients' needs. We'll create precise AutoCAD drawings of your fire safety system and present them for your approval. Our hydraulic calculations will ensure your system has the proper water flow and pressure to minimize or extinguish fires. We handle and fulfill necessary paperwork and get local and federal permits. From beginning to end, we'll ensure you're receiving the perfect fire safety and prevention system.