Regulation 4 / Compliance Engine

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Ensuring Fire Safety Compliance in Southern California

Do you want to ensure your fire prevention systems and equipment are in working order? If you own or operate a large-scale business or facility, safety is likely a primary priority. Champion Fire Systems, Inc tests fire safety compliance for large commercial, residential, and industrial enterprises in Southern California. We help clients like LAX and Frito-Lay maintain Regulation 4 compliance.
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Careful Assessments

Regulation 4 Testing

Regulation 4 testing is a program from the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD). This regulation ensures that fire protection equipment is kept up to date and in efficient working order. The process involves regular inspections and tests to ensure the equipment is always in optimal condition. It is performed to assess equipment quality and detect any flaws or defects.

Conduct periodic inspections on and test fire protection equipment to determine their condition and safety level.

Identify defects, flaws, or problems causing the equipment to malfunction, fail, or perform ineffectively or unsafely.

Document and record problems and initiate corrective actions to get the equipment promptly fixed.

Certify buildings that meet Regulation 4 requirements and identify those that do not.

Flag buildings and equipment that fail to meet Regulation 4 and offer guidance on improving their standing.

Guide applicants through the safety application process to ensure they are ready to succeed in attaining Regulation 4 status.

Testing Technology

The Compliance Engine

We use The Compliance Engine, the latest and greatest in fire equipment analysis, testing, and tracking. This innovative technology assesses fire equipment to determine if it meets jurisdictional quality standards and compliance. It is highly adaptable and scalable for any party inspection, delivering vital information regarding fire equipment safety and efficiently organizing and reporting it.
Securing Properties

Proven Methods for Large-Scale Fire Safety Inspection

Champion Fire Systems, Inc has evaluated and ensured fire safety compliance for countless large-scale commercial, industrial, and residential properties for over 25 years. We'll provide the tools, advanced technology, and skilled specialists needed to ensure your enterprise meets the required fire safety laws, rules, and regulations. We comprehensively inspect your fire safety system, from water sprinkler backflows to cleaning agent suppression. If we detect flaws or concerns, we can provide repairs and routine maintenance to correct them. We're the most trusted fire system inspectors for compliance and regulation expectations.